THE story

by moopsy.


Once upon a time...


there was a Spark.

This Spark was imbued with an unmatched passion for creativity. 

Through relentless hard work The Spark found their voice. Through their Voice, The Spark found an audience.

With this neW AUDIENCE...


The Spark began recieving inquiries from business folk. 

The business folk meant well but some were not looking out for the best interest of the Spark. Some wanted to use the Spark for their own gain.

Without the proper guidance, the Spark's creations and passions were at risk. 

This is when...


The Spark met moopsy. moopsy asked The Spark, "I see your passion and believe in you. What are your dreams?"

The Spark replied. moopsy listened carefully and took detailed notes.

After meeting, moopsy and The Spark worked together to craft a plan of action with milestones and goals.

By the end of the planning, the Spark had a clear vision of the path forward and how The Spark and moopsy would work together to achieve them, one by one, through focus, diligence and care.